• Walmart Inc. is a partner in distributing Gator Floats inflatables. Available for purchase online today!

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  • Leslie's Pool Supplies, Inc., the largest retailer of swimming pool supplies, is a Gator Floats partner. Purchase at Leslie's in stores nationwide or online!

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  • You heard it here folks, Gator takes Ebay as a partner in crime. Available for purchase for all you Ebay lovers. <3

    Gator Floats on Ebay 
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The Gator Floats pool inflatables are 2x thicker than other pool inflatables, making them one of the toughest pool floats around! Designed for comfort in the water & on land. Puncture resistant with 2x thicker material than other inflatables, truely built to last. Can withstand the sun and high heat.

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